Thursday, July 23

Crafting Under Fire from Alchemists

Since the introduction of crafting throughout the worlds of the Spiral, there has been a cacophony of complaints from a lot of young wizards. So the Spiral Free Press has undertaken an investigation to see what issues are causing the uproar.

The most frequent cause for this appears to be related to the availability of reagents. We asked Master of Fire, Ian Sunflame his experiences when searching for materials to complete the crafting quests, unfortunately, at just them mention of this topic, he spontaneously combusted, leaving us a bit charred and starring at a pile of ashes. We can only take this to mean that the wizards that have reached a higher degree of education are finding it infuriating to meander the mountains and meadows of the Spiral in search of these elusive items.

After the reaction of Mr. Sunflame, we were hesitant to approach any other students, as we prefer to help protect these young wizards rather than cause them harm. However, after a bit of deliberation, we tossed those concerns directly into the void that exists between worlds and approached our next subject, Magus Necromancer, Ian Ghostrider. When asked about the difficulty in finding supplies to support his crafting quests, Mr. Ghostrider said "Heck, seems to me that I find everything I need at just about the right time thus far.". We asked him how long he had been training under the excellent teachers of Ravenwood and found out that he is a recent addition to the inhabitants of the Spiral. In fact, when asked about what he though about the new world that had been recently re-discovered, Grizzleheim, he said "I didn't know that was a new thing. That bear has been standin' down by that boat ever since I arrived. I kind of hope he offers to take me fishing in it someday!".

So, with the vast difference in responses we received from these two fine students, we can only conclude that for new arrivals, the rate of reagents spawn and the amounts you currently get them are pretty well balanced when working the quests along with their education at Ravenwood. But that for those that have already been well educated, this does in fact seem to be posing a bit of an issue. It seems the time to locate all of the necessary ingredients for a recipe in these quests will roughly equivocate to the amount of time it takes to complete each world individually. That is rough news for our star scholars.

There have recently been some grumblings in the Wizard101 Central community about maybe adding a way to recover some portion of the reagents from an item by reversing the crafting process. It seems to me that this may well be a new skill that Headmaster Ambrose and the other staff of Ravenwood should consider teaching. After all, we don't want the students to start burning out from to much homework.


  1. My little sister Danielle just started her studies last week, and finished her first crafting quest before she's even ventured onto Firecat Alley. Her biggest complaint isn't crafting, but how tough it is for her as a storm wizard to finish Golem Tower.

    Thanks for a great first article, I look forward to reading more!

    - Sierra Starsong, Grandmaster Thaumaturge

  2. I am having a really hard time myself finding reagents. Making it so I'm ready to just give up.