Friday, July 24

Wands at the Ready!

Originally, we were planning a Public Service Announcement for today, reminding us all to be pleasant and friendly to our fellow members of the Spiral.

Our discussions on how to present this lingered until we decided that action on the part of the responsible was a more effective approach. After all, our logic told us that the wizards of Wiazar101 who care will be the ones reading The Spiral Free Press, so why remind them to do what they normally do? That decision left us with the following:

We the Wizards of the Spiral, in order to preserve a friendly environment, insure justice, restore tranquility, provide for the defense of the mute, promote the general welfare of all, and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves while in game, do ordain this call to arms.

We pledge ourselves to act when a bully is present; to discourage through the power of our wands, the mistreatment of others; to be decisive when language and innuendo are inappropriate; to use the report button with pride.

If you are willing to join our Call to Arms, let us know. We welcome the mature and responsible to aid us is getting the garbage out of the Spiral.

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