Wednesday, September 30

The Poetry Contest...If I Can Be A Winner, So Can You!

Most of you are aware of the Wizard101 Halloween Poetry Contest on Facebook. I found out about it yesterday, and created my little poem and submitted it. To my surprise, I had a message from Professor Grayrose today on Facebook telling me I was one of the winners for Tuesday!

I have requested the Halloween Outfit, if it is the skeleton, and the Ninja Pig costume otherwise. Can't wait to see which one I get, and I will be sure to provide photos when it arrives.

Anyway, the point of this post is to encourage you all to give it a try...if I can win, so can you. Come on Central, lets see you sweep the rest of the week!

Here was my entry:

We gathered by Blossom and looked down the way.
Who would go Trick or Treat Cyrus? 'No Way!'
He's scary enough the rest of the year,
But on All Hallows' Eve, my knees quake in fear.

Soon the infamous dare did appear.
Now I'm on my broom stick hardly able to steer.
The Myth Tower looms, Cyrus glares down at me.
But no harsh words, just some Truffula Tea?

Get those creative juices flowing everyone...and get your poems in soon! Heres a link to the contest page.

Saturday, September 26

The Sprite Guardian...WOW!

I have often faced life wizards that have never pulled out the Sprite Guardian during PvP...WHY!?!?

Recently I started a new life wizard. He is now at level 20, and I took him into the arena to test his wings. First thing I did was load several of the Guardian's into my deck...and let me tell you, I am glad I did.

Thus far, my wizard has been undefeated. I have no doubt that will fail soon, as I am starting to get matched against some higher leveled opponents...and in fact I would have lost already if not for the Guardian.

Had one duel today, where I was facing a Balance wizard that was level 24. He was going first, had 4 pips and I was down to around 230 health. I queued up a Pixie...and my new little friend queued up a pixie as well. At the time, I had about 6 pips up.

My opponent went, I died, he said Good Game...then bless her dainty little pixels, she brought me back from the other side, I followed up with a Pixie of my own, and suddenly it was a whole new match!


Sorry have fallen into second place in my list of favorite minions.

Guess I'll have to get busy with a Balance character so I can test out the Mander and see where he falls!

Friday, September 11

Character Building 101

There comes a time in the life of a wizard, when you have to ask yourself: Have I chosen the right school for me? This is of course a question that we each have to answer for our own reasons, but there is at least one pointer I feel confident in giving. If you are never using your primary schools spells and depending on your second school for all of your attacks, you should really consider making a new wizard.

This came to mind as Elemental Splash and I were practicing for a 2v2 tournament in the ranked arena. We came across one set of wizards that just astounded me. One of the opposing team was a Fire wizard, good school. I watched this wizard put up a Fire Blade and start building pips. When they had their pip bank full, I was expecting to see the Heckhound come pouncing out of that itty-bitty house.

The whole time his partner is telling him to use Fire hits on us, and finally this Fire wizard replies, "I only use Storm.". HUH!? The Fire wizard then proceeded to use a Kraken to prove the point...and Storm spells was all he used for the short duration of his lifespan in that duel. Now, aside from the obvious thought of "Don't broadcast your game plan to the opponent.", I am left with the observation that I started this post with.

There are times we should evaluate if our wizard is in the correct school. This is a prime example of someone who should consider making a new wizard...a Storm wizard. I can almost understand an Ice or Life wizard having a small assortment of power cards from their secondary school, but Fire depending entirely on Storm? Me thinks it's time for a wizard makeover.

Now, think about your wizards and how you play them, it may be time for you to re-evaluate some of them too. If you aren't playing to the strength of your school...give it some serious thought. You will find you are a much more successful wizard if you are playing your wizards with what gives them an advantage in their school.

Wednesday, September 9

Scrap Iron A Plenty!

That is right, I have found an abundant source of scrap iron! More than enough for all my crafting needs.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to convert it!

Really though, on my trips around my home world today, I saw scrap iron everywhere! I really need to get to work on that item translation device so that I can port useful stuff like this to Wizard City with me!

Tuesday, September 1

Wizard101 and Grocery Coupons...yes, they are related.

OK, no matter what I try, I cannot get my wife to play Wizard101. She "doesn't need something else to waste time on", or "the in game movement makes her queasy"'s always something.

One thing my wife does do avidly though, is coupon. Local papers, national papers, hunts them down from family, takes neighbors hostage until they surrender them...OK, not yet, but I swear it's coming!

Now how are the two related? Because after some careful consideration, I am GLAD my wife doesn't play Wizard101. She would play it like she coupons, and that would be bad news for all of us. Let me give you an example of her ability to make an all out assault on the local Homeland store, Walgreens and yes, even Wal-Mart with her coupons.

There you go. This photo was taken after ONE trip to the store today. Here is the itemized list of whats in that photo:

  • 4 boxes of Cheese Nips
  • 2 bottles of Diet Dr. Pepper
  • 2 1/2 gallonish tubs of Blue Bunny Ice Cream
  • 4 Glade Air Freshners
  • 5 Assorted cans of Chef Boyardee
  • 2 Four packs of Dannon Yogurt drinks
  • 2 packs of Chinet napkins
  • 9 jars of Peter Pan peanut butter
Now, some of you are going to be familiar with the prices on this stuff, and have already started adding it up. There is close to $70.00 of product in that pile. I'll tell you what she paid out of pocket for this loot...$4.92! On top of that, she got more coupons back at the register that give her $6.00 off of her next visit! So effectively she MADE $1.08 for taking this stuff off the stores shelves.

So, if she were to start playing Wizard101, we would all have to run for cover, because she would find a way for us to pay her for the beat down she would give us.

On second thought, maybe I should reconsider...maybe I could pay her in grocery coupons to help me come up with tactics like these for the arena!'ll have to pardon me, I need to go find my wife.