Wednesday, September 9

Scrap Iron A Plenty!

That is right, I have found an abundant source of scrap iron! More than enough for all my crafting needs.

Unfortunately, I can't think of any way to convert it!

Really though, on my trips around my home world today, I saw scrap iron everywhere! I really need to get to work on that item translation device so that I can port useful stuff like this to Wizard City with me!


  1. LOL! The best place I found in-game for iron is Chelsea Court, there's three iron spawn points around Timmy the Icepick's hideout.

  2. @Sierra Starsong, yes I would have to agree with your assessment of where to get it in game. I've almost got this converter built though, so maybe you'll see Ian's Junk as a new store in Wizard City sometime soon. :P