Friday, September 11

Character Building 101

There comes a time in the life of a wizard, when you have to ask yourself: Have I chosen the right school for me? This is of course a question that we each have to answer for our own reasons, but there is at least one pointer I feel confident in giving. If you are never using your primary schools spells and depending on your second school for all of your attacks, you should really consider making a new wizard.

This came to mind as Elemental Splash and I were practicing for a 2v2 tournament in the ranked arena. We came across one set of wizards that just astounded me. One of the opposing team was a Fire wizard, good school. I watched this wizard put up a Fire Blade and start building pips. When they had their pip bank full, I was expecting to see the Heckhound come pouncing out of that itty-bitty house.

The whole time his partner is telling him to use Fire hits on us, and finally this Fire wizard replies, "I only use Storm.". HUH!? The Fire wizard then proceeded to use a Kraken to prove the point...and Storm spells was all he used for the short duration of his lifespan in that duel. Now, aside from the obvious thought of "Don't broadcast your game plan to the opponent.", I am left with the observation that I started this post with.

There are times we should evaluate if our wizard is in the correct school. This is a prime example of someone who should consider making a new wizard...a Storm wizard. I can almost understand an Ice or Life wizard having a small assortment of power cards from their secondary school, but Fire depending entirely on Storm? Me thinks it's time for a wizard makeover.

Now, think about your wizards and how you play them, it may be time for you to re-evaluate some of them too. If you aren't playing to the strength of your school...give it some serious thought. You will find you are a much more successful wizard if you are playing your wizards with what gives them an advantage in their school.


  1. Your right! I'm fire BTW. I only use my Ice spells in case of boredom, Fire boss, or not at all. I think my wiz is very balanced. I have a ice staff to take away weakness without wasting my fire blade. I have strategy to. One battle it was me vs a fire wiz. I summoned my minion to keep his health going down and he ran out of pixies. He only tried to defeat my minion then not me. I finneshed him of with a immolate. I think i'm well balanced.

  2. @JediRex, sounds like you are well balanced. :) Glad to hear that I'm not totally off my rocker!