Saturday, September 26

The Sprite Guardian...WOW!

I have often faced life wizards that have never pulled out the Sprite Guardian during PvP...WHY!?!?

Recently I started a new life wizard. He is now at level 20, and I took him into the arena to test his wings. First thing I did was load several of the Guardian's into my deck...and let me tell you, I am glad I did.

Thus far, my wizard has been undefeated. I have no doubt that will fail soon, as I am starting to get matched against some higher leveled opponents...and in fact I would have lost already if not for the Guardian.

Had one duel today, where I was facing a Balance wizard that was level 24. He was going first, had 4 pips and I was down to around 230 health. I queued up a Pixie...and my new little friend queued up a pixie as well. At the time, I had about 6 pips up.

My opponent went, I died, he said Good Game...then bless her dainty little pixels, she brought me back from the other side, I followed up with a Pixie of my own, and suddenly it was a whole new match!


Sorry have fallen into second place in my list of favorite minions.

Guess I'll have to get busy with a Balance character so I can test out the Mander and see where he falls!


  1. The Sprite Minion's main drawback is that she tends to throw Imps at the worst possible times, blowing all the traps & prisms you've worked to set up. She's great at low to mid levels, but the higher you go the more annoying that gets. By the time you build up those layers - Life trap, Spirit trap, Feint etc - then she hits them with an Imp before you can draw that Centaur, you'll want to kill her yourself.

  2. I wish they'd delete that imp spell from her deck.

  3. Not the first comments like this I've heard since this post. Even had one person track me down in game to warn me off about her at higher levels.

    Hummmm...I'll definitely have to keep a close eye on her as I level up. :P