Thursday, October 15

Halloween Havoc! - A Special PvP Tournament

What is Halloween Havoc!?

Good question. To participate, you must be wearing some type of Halloween item. This includes any of the special costumes from Spooky Bob, or Pumpkin Heads from boss drops, or the Black Cat pet. One item only is all that is required. That covers the Halloween part...

Now for the Havoc! All Hats, Robes, Shoes may not give ANY stats boost. All of the Halloween clothing is free of stats increases, so to keep if fair, NO STATS BOOSTS from these items. That means if you only have the Pumpkin Head to wear, you will have to wear your school robes and shoes that were issued to you when you enrolled. Yes that means no arena or crown gear.

The Halloween wands do not offer any bonus any wand used, may not have a bonus pip/power pip with it.

The Black Cat pet comes with one card. So any pet that comes with a single card is acceptable...IF it doesn't offer any other stats increases.

So, can you handle the Havoc!?

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