Tuesday, October 13

The Quest I Love to Hate

I have had several quests over the course of building my wizards that have had their turn atop my list of most despised quests.

Initially, it was the double trips through the Vault of Ice...

Then, it was the back and forth between the family tombs in the Temple of Storms...

Then I go to Marley Bone, and that snooty Doolittle took to prize....and she has held if for a very long time.

I think she has finally be dethroned however...by Mr. Freddy Ninelives. I've had to go through him before, but for some reason, this time it was different. Oh, I know why it was different...because I logged on planning to do a quick quest and log back off. My heart sank when I realized what the next item on my wizards agenda was. Already in a not so happy mood with the quest, I decided I would go ahead and get the agony over with...after all, I already had my level thirty-three spell, as I had been avoiding this one!

Somewhere around the third battle, I was banging my head on my desk from the monotony. After all, where is the thrill of battle when you only put the 4 cards in your deck you know you need to win (and that is overkill).

By the sixth battle I was almost in tears from the pain...both physical (my head was really hurting by then), and the emotional stress of knowing that I had to do it three more times after that.

So for the last three, I took out all the cards from my deck, with the exception of reshuffle, and a Satyr so I could heal myself before the next torture session started, and beat him to a pulp with nothing but wand cards. While it changed up the battle, and actually amused me, it also made the entire process MUCH longer.

Anyway, Mr. Ninelives...Welcome to the throne. I hope it is a long time before I have to deal with you again. Does anyone know if a Balance wizard has to deal with this guy?

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  1. According to Central's Marleybone boss drop guide, the only ones dealing with Freddy are Necromancers and Life wizards. The other schools have a single-fight boss at that level, with more points and a guard. For Balance, you'll have two Myth bosses (ranks 4 and 5); this is where you'll get Judgement.

    My nightmare quest (other than the final one vs. Malistaire) is Kensington Park, probably the toughest single instance in the game. The mobs start at 2000+ health and always attack three (if you're solo) or four at a time.