Tuesday, October 6

Too much like gambling for a kids site

This was an interesting post on Wizard101 Central comparing the Wishing Well to a slot machine. If you haven't read it, you should.

My thoughts on it are below.

I have to agree on the OP on this one. I can drop a couple crowns in the well and hope for a Dampen Magic card, or I can drop a couple of quarters into the slot machine and hope for a large cash win. I see the direct correlation here.

I know that several months ago, someone else here made a suggestion that I thought was wonderful. They suggested that KI provide a place for us to deposit those few extra crowns, and that KI would then turn those into a donation to a charity, or split among a couple of charities. And if those charities were directed at helping kids, all the better.

So keep the wishing well, let us decide how many crows we want to throw in, and don't give us any reward for doing this. After all, there isn't a wishing well in the country that is bereft of funds, and I know that I would use it for just the knowledge that my small contributions will join with everyone else's to help out people we will most likely never meet.

Who knows, maybe the wish I make in game, could produce a little real magic in another persons life.


  1. I agree with that person. Why not drop in a few crowns (106 is all I've got and I'm willing to spend it on helping another person), and help another person in the big world? I looked at a chart for the population on earth (time), and the number has more than quintipled from the time where there weren't any cars, no computers, no TVs, no NASA, no nothing. And I just thought, what is the world turining into? I would never want to drop a few crowns into a wishing well and hope for something insane, that would just be selfish. If I had a choice, helping another person live makes me so much happier than getting a lot of gold, more crowns, and even turning into a grandmaster!

  2. I posted on her blog a few words BTW keep being good and nice!